welcome-atvSo what are we hoping to accomplish here? I guess I just like to comment on something I used to know a lot about. Things are changing. There’s all kinds of new rules and regulations.
Changes in lifestyle I’m just watching it all happen and I’ll change before my eyes. And it’s interesting.

I remember when we were kind of on the outside. Sort of the outcasts. Everything seems so gorilla. But everything is more mainstream these days. So I see stuff. And it makes me think. Sometimes I just want to talk about it.

It may seem kind of silly. But I guess it keeps me sharp. So thanks for visiting my website. You can e-mail me at the e-mail below if you have any questions or comments. Ain’t gonna lie…it’ll probably be a one-way thing 🙂


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  1. Short Stuff says:

    Dude. You’re Mean!

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