This Guy

CL Motocross MavenWell, I worked in motocross and off-road industry for several years. I did a lot of the promotions and traveling. Went to Mexico and all over the desert. Spent a lot of time in the Las Vegas area. Just a bunch of good old boys riding in the dirt. Chase helicopters and semi trailers. Well, actually all kinds chase vehicles. From dirt bikes ATVs to any kind of competitive off-road souped-up pickup truck. I’ve seen it all.

Nowadays, I kind of take things a little easier . My kids are growing up. And I want them to have their dad around. So I just kind of sit on the sidelines. Talk about the days of yesteryear.

Sometimes I’m shocked about when I see people doing today. But then again I was shocked that into I guess cause I was just in the mix of it didn’t hit me as hard. Anyway I can’t really say I miss being in the middle of it all. But it definitely is a part of my history. Something I know a lot about.

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