Glorified Golf Carts

Motocross Helmets on the RangeLet me tell you about my first experience with Rhinos. I was at a family birthday party not too long ago with a bunch of motocross friends of mine. They were all very avid in the sport. They have a lot of toys in their garages. Multiple car garages.

Most of the guys with all the toys were over 30 years old. They’ll had children. They’ll have wives . In the house where the party was being held there were several dirt bikes– 250 cc and bigger. And there were other off-road vehicles like ATVs and extreme water sports apparatus as well.

One of the ringleaders came over to me and said, hey want to go for a ride? I was doubtful it was a good idea but I went nevertheless. He grabbed a couple motocross helmets from and threw them into what looked like a pimped out golf cart. He said, you ever seen one of these ? I had no idea what I was getting into.

I thought we were going to stroll along golf course speed . But when we got up past the driveway. He raced through the suburban sidewalks without concern for anyone else in the area. I was ready for the ride to be over justas soon as it had began . But then he turned off into a construction area and told me to hold on.

We approached what look like a mining quarry but was just the excavation area for a new housing development. It must’ve been at least 50 to 100 feet deep. But he just drove us straight over the edge. I felt like we were going vertical, straight down. My five point harness dug in between my legs. I thought we were gonna roll over . But I guess he knew what he was doing.

Anyway you always got to be careful with these motocross dirtbike guys. They just have a different sense of what safe and what’s normal. Needless to say the next time he ever asks me to go for a ride, I’ll be declining the offer.