Snap. Crackle. POP!

Motocross DunesSo this old guy that I know broke his neck and his back the other day . I mean this guy is a pretty good friend. And he’s all about living life to its fullest. He’s all about nature. Getting out there in the wilderness. Going out in the desert. Pushing his body. Trying to reach new heights and all that.

But the problem is that he’s got to little kids. And a wife. And he’s pretty much the breadwinner his family. So I wonder why he does things like that? Why he put dissipate in any kind of risky sports. I don’t know maybe it’s more something that people in their 20s should be doing. If at all. But we all know how you guys feel about that.

Is that what motocross is all? I mean is it really something old dudes should be doing? It’s not golf. I mean should there be an age limit on it? I guess like an age that you got to be old enough to get into it. And then an age where you got to get out of it. Or maybe it’s like well do you have any kids? Or a wife? Or is anybody gonna miss you if you snap your neck?

Well my body is pretty smart but I don’t know if he was wearing his motocross helmet but I think you have some kind of protection on. And he was trying to make like a 40 foot. John. I think it was something he’s done before.

Anyway. I think his wife took away his bike. Maybe not. I don’t know if she tells him to do or not. But you know it’s usually something that you just kind of talk about happening. You don’t ever really think it can happen to you. And I guess since my friend has been riding so long and he has never been really hurt that bad. Maybe he didn’t think it was gonna happen. But I don’t know why he was trying to hit the jump like that.You don’t need to be doing stuff like that when you’re an old dude. Not gonna get a sponsorship or win a medal. There really is no upside. But there’s a ton of downside.

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