Where Did It All Begin?

RoboCrossYou know I was thinking about ATV riding and dirt bike riding. People usually do it in the desert right? Why is that? Is it because people like to sweat? Is it because they like being thirsty? Because they like eaten dirt all day just to do it they love doing?

No. Of course not. I’ll tell you why it’s all about the desert. It’s because you can’t do it anywhere else. And what’s strange is that the bikes and the motocross gear and everything has to with motocross or ATVs and Rhinos or any other kind of desert vehicle has all been warped just to accommodate the terrain where its welcome.

You see the thing is. You can’t just go out in front of your house and start running around fast like a lunatic. And you can’t go out in the woods and do it too well either. Well I guess some people do. But they are out of their minds going 50 or 60 miles an hour more hoping they can dodge branches that could chop your head right off. Anyway. My original point was I think what bikes have become is really interesting because I think they were really affected by the apartment that they’ve been forced into.

Anyway back to my point. I guess I’m just saying that it’s interesting how they became dirt bikes. I know that they are bikes all-terrain vehicles etc. But if you really look at it. Gert bikes and street bikes have totally different specifications. Different kinds of engines. Different kinds of tires. Different kinds of exhaust. Everything is different about them. But they are both bikes. It is just really interesting to me. And what’s crazy about it. Is that it’s all about being able to ride somewhere other than the street. But then when you’re building a bike I guess and when you’re developing a bike you have to take into consideration the environment in which is being ridden.motocross_jump_After

Oh well. It’s getting late. Early. I forget. I guess this is just the whole chicken or the egg, cart before the horse, wheel before the bike kind of thing. I don’t know. Peace.