Marketing Mayhem

Something I’ve been wondering about. Did energy drinks make motocross cool? Or did motocross make energy drinks cool? I hate to think it was the former. I wish it were the latter. But back in the day before anybody knew about it.. I think riding the dirt was legit. Nowadays. I don’t know anymore.

I remember when riding a dirtbike was something you did and wished you could make money at it. And people would struggle like circus acts in their competitions and things like that. It’s not like you could actually make a living off it. I mean if you were selling T-shirts it was kind of cause you were a freak show. Because you did weird things. Because you had to wait for a bunch of hicks to get together seem like. But I guess were all rednecks.

Yeah. Now that I think about it more. As I remember it. It was like a fairground thing. It wasn’t really a job. And if you wanted to be a job, you had to jump in the trailer travel around the country. Hoping you would make any kind of money. But just ridiculous. I don’t know who got the idea to publicize it so much. But doing tricks back in those days you will like David Copperfield or something like a magician a street magician.


But then all of a sudden it was cool. Like it was really cool. The guys who rode motocross, they became rock stars. They hung out with rock stars. Married rock stars. And all of a sudden they were celebrities. And this weird thing that people from the backwoods did for fun became like a popular activity. Something I guess you used to get made fun of for doing . Like it was weird to ride a bike around the backyard all day. Like he needs to grow up for something.


And then came the energy drinks and the TV cameras. It was like the Olympics man.. The whole industry just oversaturated with people doing it all the wrong reasons.